GENI - Geriatric Emergency Nursing Initiative

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Personal Health File (booklet)

Medication Tracking Chart


Elder Friendly Z-line - Falls Prevention


Hospitalized Elderly and Discharge Planning - article

Senior Friendly Emerg - article

High Risk Medications In Elderly - article

Aging Well in BC

A New Look at the Old: Nurse staffing and outcomes

Bach article - Nursing roles

Behaviors Associated with Dementia

Death and Dying Resources

Report: "Best practice approaches to minimise functional decline in the older person across the acute, sub-acute and residential aged care". Completed by Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Evaluation Unit, Melbourne Australia, November 2004.

Wellness_Made_Easy Wellness tips for all

How do I Differentiate Normal Aging of the Skin From Pathological Conditions Normal Skin Aging Versus Pathological

Age related Pulmonary Crackles may Interfere with Diagnosis of Heart Failure by Laurie Barclay: Age Related Pulmonary Crackles Article

Assessing Suicide by Constance Captain: Assessing_Suicide_in_ clients

Aging and seniors -

Publications of the Public Health Association of Canada on a variety of topics of interest to seniors.


Alzheimer Society of BC

Excellent source of information on dementia, support for patient/families, wandering registry, and links to the Canadian site

Canada's Food Guide

Includes an interactive feature to teach serving sizes and examples individualized by gender and age.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Includes caregiver info and advice and fact sheets for caregivers.


How's Your Health

Interactive website questionnaire creates January 30, 2011 questionnaire for frail elders and guidance in problem solving.

Osteoporosis: Canadian Osteporosis Patient Network

Information for people coping with osteoporosis. Includes an e-newsletter and information about clinical trials.

Patient Decision Aids

Includes an alphabetical listing of decision aids such as “Should I take medications to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?” on a variety of health topics. Also has information for health care professionals on developing and implementing decision aids.


Individuals can create a paper care plan to share with health care professionals. Part of a larger project to integrate care in Whatcom County, Washington.

Seniors Info Canada

Collection of useful information for seniors on different life events. Also has statistics.

What older women want

Information for health care professionals and women on incontinence, memory loss and exercise.